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Posts tagged: zen wisdom tao joke

I don’t know what the old masters would say about technology. It’s so good.

I wish everything was anarchy.

You can’t stop me from touching your butt within my mind.

"I live each day like it is my last… because I’m so depressed." - pathetic zen master

Abandon wisdom, discard knowledge, abandon benevolence, discard duty, abandon cleverness, discard profit… Now I like you.

Life is spontaneous and full of change. Don’t resist change. Especially when I say you can’t crash in my garage anymore.

When the cops arrest you for being buck naked on the sidewalk say, “But isn’t a flower buck naked?”

A wise sage once said: “When they invent cameras, you gotta make a doc about how different I am.”

Remember, primitive man never knew that bad smells were bad smells.

A wise sage once said, “I’m NOT telling you to cut your head off with a sword. All I’m saying is that your brain is terrible. Just terrible.”